Colour Consent Form

I, verify that I understand and agree to the following terms and conditions for receiving a chemical service at Victoria Hair & Spa:

I have had the process and possible results adequately explained to me.

I have been given the opportunity to make requests and ask questions.

I understand that previous treatments and chemical services can continue to have an effect on my hair. It has been recommended to me that I fully disclose my previous treatments to my stylist prior to the treatment.

I understand that my stylist is a certified technician who will try his or her best to create my desired results. I understand that the best way to assist my technician is to be clear about my requirements.

Are you under 16yrs of age?
Is it more than 6 months since you had your last color (self or professional)?
Is it more than 6 months since you had an allergy alert test in this salon?
Have you had a tattoo, henna, blank henna tattoo or permanent makeup since your last color?
Have you had an allergic reaction to any products except hair color since your last colour?
Are you changing hair service?
Was patch test undertaken?

Thanks for submitting!